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Aktion Club proves that

people with disabilities

are not people with inabilities!

Individuals who live with disabilities often have many talents but little opportunity to develop or apply them. These special citizens have few chances to interact socially and sometimes little opportunity to function in society. Too often, they are isolated and dependent when they could be making valuable contributions to themselves and to the world around them.

Agencies that serve those who live with disabilities do their best to help clients reach their potential. Many of these agencies, however, do not have the funding or staff to provide the community-based social and recreational activities that their clients need. The volunteer effort of local Kiwanis sponsors can address these and many other concerns through Aktion Club.


The Marshalltown Bobcats Aktion Club was chartered in cooperation with MIW and MICA. Please contact us with the email link at the lower left for more info!

2017-18 Club Officers










Kiwanis Advisers

Deborah Ewoldt (Noon)

Joe Robertson (Matins)






The Mission of

Aktion Club is:


 To provide adults with disabilities an opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills.

 To serve their community

 To be integrated into society

 To demonstrate the dignity and value of citizens living with disabilities.

Aktion Club Site

Aktion Club also has its own Web site address! Check out the great features at www.aktionclub.orgLearn about all the events and service activities performed by people with disabilities, not inabilities.

The Aktion Club of Marshalltown Bobcats meets at 2 p.m. every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at MIW, Inc.