Kiwanis: Get Involved

Join the conversation for

kids & community!


Our Marshalltown Kiwanis Club has various activities throughout the year to raise money for projects benefiting our community and its children. We encourage you to help us in those efforts by supporting our events, including Pancake Day and Peanut Day, and other fundraisers like the Stop Hunger Red Barrel Campaign and gumball sales.

In addition to being fund-raisers, these are activities for everyone to take some time and enjoy. We also encourage you to join in as a volunteer to find out more about Kiwanis.

Thank you for helping us help our community and its people. Please consider joining us as a Kiwanis member. If you have any ideas or suggestions we are just a mouse click away!


How you can save a life right now


You can help Kiwanis raise $110 million by 2015 to EliMiNaTe Maternal-Neonatal Tetanus from the face of the earth. One series of three shots costs just $1.80 to prevent tetanus from killing the mother and her unborn child.


If you’d like more information, visit the Kiwanis/UNICEF EliMiNaTe Project website here. Your donations to the Kiwanis International Foundation are tax deductible.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in working to stop this killer disease.

The Kiwanis IN Crowd: Important and Needed


It is a basic desire to feel one’s life is important and needed. But just what is this thing called Kiwanis? Does it really make a difference?

Let us assure you it does, but please don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself by becoming a member for one month, free!

You can join in the meetings (even eat for free that month) and help with our service projects or special Kiwanis activities if you choose.

We hope by getting involved you will see the importance and need for Kiwanis locally and globally. Learn about Kiwanis history, the projects we have done, what happens at club meetings and make the decision on whether Kiwanis membership is for you.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Join us this Tuesday Noon at the American Legion Post Home, 1301 S. 6th St., in Marshalltown!